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Uong Bi Thermal Power Plant Project

Đăng lúc: Thứ tư - 20/11/2019 22:59 - Người đăng bài viết: admin
With the trust of the Investor: Uong Bi Thermal Power Company - Branch of Power Generation Corporation 1 has signed a contract with KD Vietnam Co., Ltd., Package 26: "Overhaul of Industrial Air- Conditioning Unit 330MW '' and Package 31: "Overhaul of fire fighting system, fire alarm system Unit 330MW" under the project: "Major repair in 2019 - Uong Bi Thermal Power Company". The project was implemented in 55 days when the plant stopped the unit, starting from October 1, 2019 and ending on November 25, 2019.
Here are some pictures of the project:


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