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Son La High-Tech Fruit Drinks and Fruits Processing Factory Project

Đăng lúc: Thứ năm - 21/11/2019 18:56 - Người đăng bài viết: admin
KD Vietnam Co.,Ltd with accumulated experiences and achieved achievements for several years. On September 16,2019 with the trust and confidence of the General Contractor: VNCN C&E technical and construction investment Join Stock Company has signed a contract with KD Vietnam Co.,Ltd about :” Supply and install construction M&E systems” for project “Son La high-tech fruit drinks and fruits processing factory project”. The project was started construction in Long Luong - Van Ho  - Son La .
With assigned work items, KD Vietnam Co.,Ltd will execute the M&E system to complete, including all M&E works to the waiting point connect technology system of Bertuzzi; complete the ME system of items including: HVAC, Fire protection, electricity, water, compressed air, boilers, water supply treatment, waste water treatment (excluding refrigeration equipment) of project.
Here are some pictures of the project:

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