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    SOLAR POWER SYSTEM Implementing the Government's policy on encouraging the use of renewable energy. KD Vietnam Company decided to invest to use 100 capacity using solar power system.

    DAI AN CULTURE CENTER March 24, 2019 KD Vietnam Company Limited was honored to celebrate the 16th Anniversary of Dai An Industrial Park at Dai An Cultural Center. This is the first monumental spiritual project constructed by KD Vietnam Co., Ltd.


Mong Duong II Thermal Power

Đăng lúc: Thứ hai - 10/03/2014 20:07 - Người đăng bài viết: admin
Mong Duong II Thermal Power Project included two units was build in Quang Ninh province with the capacity of 1,200 MV under the BOT contract. The total investment is estimated about 2 million USD. The plant will be used in the middle of year 2015 and will be transfer to Vietnamese Government after 25 years later.

  One part of Mong Duong Thermal Power Plant

In this project, KD Vietnam is responsible for SUPPLYING of all qualified manpower, technical supervision, project management ... under the requirement of the Main Contractor; INSTALLING of all complete fire fighting and detection systems; MARKING up drawings after installation on site to Contractor; TESTING & COMMISIONING of the work per NFPA requirement for fire fighting and detection systems; DEFECTING liability period and warranty; MAINTENANCE &SERVICING during defects liability period;...

Until this time, KD Vietnam has about 80 workers and engineers, equipment, machine, facilities to complete the items under the requirement of the Contractor.

After completing (schedule on July 2015), Mong Duong II will be the first thermal plant using coal and the largest project conducted by private Contractor in Vietnam upto now. It will contribute 7% to the total capacity of the Vietnam power system.
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