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    SOLAR POWER SYSTEM Implementing the Government's policy on encouraging the use of renewable energy. KD Vietnam Company decided to invest to use 100 capacity using solar power system.

    DAI AN CULTURE CENTER March 24, 2019 KD Vietnam Company Limited was honored to celebrate the 16th Anniversary of Dai An Industrial Park at Dai An Cultural Center. This is the first monumental spiritual project constructed by KD Vietnam Co., Ltd.


Why Kdcorp services

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Dependability, innovation, and cost efficiency...These are the qualities of every successful business, and they are the reason we are the first choice for companies about  their HVAC. Our customer retention rates testify to the fact: 95% of customers who try us stay with us making our HVAC maintenance services unsurpassed in the industry.


For more than 3 years, Kdcorp Services has served VietNam's HVAC maintenance service needs.

Our Employees trained and dedicated to get your HVAC maintenance job done right. As one of the largest, most experienced integrated facilities maintenance providers, we have the expertise and resources to meet any requirement and manage any HVAC maintenance situation.

We are there for all of our customers' unique facilities maintenance needs in the daily routine of commercial/corporate sites, and public venues, and in times of emerge


"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and follower." -Steve Jobs

Kdcorp Services is dedicated to offering our customers efficient and cost-effective HVAC  maintenance service solutions through incomparable innovation in our programs and technology.

The Kdcorp Service provides a timely, cost-effective solution for HVAC  to join the global community in the move toward environmentally-friendly our maintenance.

Cost Efficiency

By leveraging our investments in innovative technology and processes, Kdcorp Services delivers an extremely cost-effective, best-in-class portfolio of services.

Our maintanance service allows customers to focus on their own businesses, saving them time and money.

It is a unique combination of systems, resources, and qualities that sets us apart from the rest and allows us to bring the top HVAC maintenance services to the market.
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