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With a high educated, trained and skillful engineers and workers, KD Vietnam will be the best choice for you. We are professional contractors in the bidding and construction of mechanical and electrical systems, including design, supply, installation, inspection, operation and maintenance of the entire electrical system,air conditioning gas, water supply, fire, building management, lightning protection systems, networks and telephone systems, surveillance camera system, security system, TV system ....

Over the years KD known through large projects in different industries ...

With dozens of experienced engineers and hundreds of enthusiastic and skilled workers, your company can fully count on quality service and professional attitude of our company. The staff of experienced and dedicated KD Vietnam Company Limited was, is and always will be committed to providing services Electrical works perfect with the highest confidence level of quality construction and safety, security, environmental preservation and fulfillment of social obligations. 

For more than 5 years ago, Kdcorp Services has delivered best-in-class facilities maintenance services to customers in a wide variety of markets including corporate/commercial, plant services/manufacturing, education, retail, government, financial institutions and public venues.

In the scope of HVAC maintenance, our customers come to us for, operations and maintenance, and construction services.. We deliver these HVAC  maintenance services effectively, professionally, and now environmentally-friendly.
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